Interior Decorating

Decorating your home whether it’s a new build, your first family home or the home you’ve moved into and three years and haven’t touched can be an overwhelming and daunting task. For some people just thinking about furnishing their home is so exhausting it’s easier to live with the existing furniture you hate than it is to face the Supa Centa on a weekend to update your home.

So many of my clients share the same initial decorating woes.

  • Time poor young professionals who appreciate a beautifully decorated home but just don’t have the time to dedicate to planning your new home.
  • Young families dragging the kids all over looking at homewares and furniture stores on the weekends.
  • Home reno show junkies who spend evenings scrolling through Pinterest pinning your dream home while sitting on your tatty old sofa your now husband had in his bachelor pad before you met.
  • First Home Buyers who have moved from a two bedroom rental into your first family home in the burbs and suddenly have so many extra rooms to furnish you just don’t know where to start.
  • Or you might be planning your new home renovation with military like precision but you’re second guessing some of the choices you’ve made and would just like a professional to run their eye over your ideas.

That’s where I come in! Working with me, you will receive one-on-one specialised advice specific to you and your home’s needs. You’ll also receive access to professional know-how and trades as well as tapping into a huge furniture supplier base that work specifically with interior decorators and designers only. You will also receive a guide on where furniture should be placed so you can action the new changes yourself in your own time. Along the way you might even find you’re enjoying the process and want to take the bull by the horns and run the renovation yourself (win!) so you can engage my services as much or as little as you like. After all you have to live in the space (not me!) so I want you to really love the end result.

Interior decorating consultations are available to the Sydney area, specifically the North Shore, Northern Beaches & Eastern Suburbs. During our initial one hour consult I will ask questions about your decorating style and tastes, listen carefully to your answers, and then get started on a decorating plan for your home.



Each decorating process is unique and I will tailor the design process to you and your home’s needs however a good indication of how the process will run is as follows:

  1. Consultation: Assess the room(s) + Create a “Scope of Work”
  2. Design Plan: Provide Furniture & Decor Suggestions
  3. Design Process: Order Furniture & Decor
  4. Completion: Style room(s) + Finishing Touches


  • One-Hour Initial Consultation – $245
  • Follow-Up Consultations – $210
  • Design work priced at $125 per hour after initial consultation – this is always quoted up front before work commences.
  • *$60 travel time applies to any consults out of the 15km radius of Sydney CBD.

Interested?  Please contact me for more information