I bet that each of us has probably made one of these decorating mistakes at some point in our lives. Which is why I’ve pulled together a list of the top five decorating mistakes I see far too often in peoples homes and I’ve even shared my tips on how to fix them.

MISTAKE #1: No well thought out floor plan

Taking a bird’s eye view of the room you’re designing will help you make informed decisions on the furniture you need and the layout that will be most suitable to the room. Consider the placement of your furniture beforehand and design your floor plan to create the perfect layout for furniture. This will help ensure you create a room which allows you to walk freely through it, without having any odd furniture pieces in your way.

MISTAKE #2: A rug which is way too small

This mistake is one I see homemakers get stuck on all the time. I always recommend having the front feet of large furniture sitting on the rug to ensure it’s the right size for the room. If you feel a little unsure still then simply zone the space where you would like to place the rug with newspaper and measure around. My number one rule with rugs is to go as big as you can afford to go.

MISTAKE #3: Lack of storage

Out of sight, out of mind. If your stuff is all over the place, it’s going to show. Nothing says clutter like papers strewn over there, a pile of boxes down here, shoes and coats wrestling out in the entrance. Make the most of your Spring cleaning and invest in a few storage solutions to declutter your space. There are plenty of affordable options out there from furniture with storage underneath to glass jars for the pantry and boxes to store shoes or toys under the bed. Multi-functional furniture pieces are also a great way to help curb the clutter, opt for a coffee table with drawers or shelves underneath to house some extra bits and pieces. Go for a buffet or sideboard for your entertainment unit to get some additional height for storage and ensure your bookshelf has doors on it so you can hide away anything you don’t want on display.

MISTAKE #4: No clear interior design theme

I totally get it, with so many styles out there and an overload of options from Pinterest, choosing your interior design theme can be hard work. I always like to start with your colour palette, which should consist of 3-4 colours to style throughout your home. Next, create a mood board of styles you like and you may begin to see a common theme throughout which will help you narrow in on the interior design theme for your home.  

MISTAKE #5: Pretty but not practical

When decorating your home think about the practical needs of you and your family. Do you have young children and need a lounge with a durable but comfortable fabric? Do you work from home and need a study nook to focus? By thinking about these key elements first you will be able to decorate your home with confidence and as a result, create a happy home which everyone loves to live in. 

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