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Interior design services in a single session

Our Design Day Service


Stuck On Decisions

paraylsed by all the design choices and need an educated decision maker to help you move forward?

Want to see samples in the flesh?

We give you access to our entire sample library so you can see multiple brands product offerings in one location. Plus we can order TRADE sized swatches to be mailed directly to you.

Educated Decision Making

We provide you with resources, supplier/showroom recommendations, and design ideas while answering specific reno questions – but leave the project management to you to execute.

Design Day Session Interior Design Studio

Need a sanity check on your choices?

We offer an in studio (or virtual) “Designer For A Day” intensive for Sydney based clients wanting our expertise to check off design decisions, solve specific design dilemmas or general reno guidance.

The Designer For A Day session is a one off consultation here we meet for 3 hours to cover everything from where you can source specific products for your reno, determine colour palettes, confirm specific selections or just general renovation guidance.

You will have access to our studio library to view any samples in person as well as our ability to order specific swatches for you directly with our suppliers.



Book your Designer For A Day Session via the button.

Depending on the extent of your reno, we suggest you allow up to 3 hours to run through your plans.



Depending on the scope of your project, you’ll spend about 3 hours with us in our studio in Sydney (we can arrange a virtual session if needed).

We will work to assess your VIP’s (very important products) and determine which items need to be decided on first.

We work with you. ina very customised approach as each reno is so different to the next. We will ensure there is an overall cohesive appraoch. toall design decision making.

We can show you samples from our sample library in the studio to give you an idea of the finished look or order large trade sized sample swatches from the relevant suppliers to be mailed direct to your home after our consult.


After your session, if you require any further assistance we can work with you at our regularly hourly rate to source and select anything you’re struggling with.


Designer Day Session


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