decorate with intention

Stuck at home and hating on it? We’re all facing A LOT more time spent at home in the coming months. 

Why not learn to fall back in love with your home with my 5 Interior Design Principles? Each module will guide you through an area of the house teaching you how to design and decorate on a budget (and using what you’ve got where you can!)

decorate with intention

I love nothing more than empowering and educating women about the principles of decorating to build their confidence around decorating.

Are you ready to learn the principles of decorating?


are you...


Collector of all home decor magazines

Reader of all decorating books (especially these ones)

Pinterest & Instagram addict

Overwhelmed by the decorating process

Reno TV show obsessed

Keen to up level your decorating skills

sound like you?

We start out all fresh and full of ideas and inspiration but somewhere along the way our passion and interest fades (I think this is usually when you find yourself in the toilet section of the bathroom showroom – your passion gets flushed down the drain!) and it’s tricky to find that spark to keep you going.

You find yourself waking up at 4am thinking about white paint samples panicking if you’ve made the right choice for the walls. Or you’re constantly pestering friends and family worrying if the kitchen benchtop actually goes with the cabinets, the floors, the splashback, the hardware and the appliances…. 

“Sometimes you find yourself staring at a chair in a cafe wondering if it would work in your dining room”

I’m here to tell you, you’re not a total weirdo for knocking on someone’s front door to ask the exact colour of their render because I’ve done this plenty of times (and not yet been arrested for it!).

who am I?

I’m your eCourse host, Emma Blomfield. I’m a self-confessed decor addict and have seen every decorating struggle imaginable.

Since 2011, I’ve taught thousands of students via eCourses, workshops and masterminds. I’ve worked one on one with hundreds of decorating clients who haven’t been afraid to put their hands up and admit they need an extra pair of hands to help with their decorating project. And most recently I’ve become the best selling author of HOME and KEEPING HOUSE, two go-to bibles for learning to decorate on a budget and throw a classy dinner party for friends. 

So it’s fair to say I know a thing or two about decorating and the frustrations and joys that are all part of the process…. I’ve seen it all from new mums trying to juggle renovation plans along with caring for their family, busy working professionals needing a beautiful sanctuary to escape the craziness of a corporate job to empty nesters downsizing from their big family home to smaller more manageable sized digs.

Each time I start working with a new client I tap into the same fears, doubts and hesitations. So, I decided to create an eCourse to help break the decorating process into bite sized chunks that not only make your life easier, you might even find you actually enjoy the process after all! WIN!

it doesn’t have to be a fantasy!

A beautifully decorated home doesn’t have to just be a fantasy you dream about when flicking through home magazines. With a little forward planning and careful consideration it’s entirely possible to create a space you’re proud of…..

This course will show you where to source inspiration, how to make a mood board to keep you on track, plan your floor plan like a boss and make the best use of the space, analyse every square inch of a home, pick colours without second guessing yourself and confidently walk into a furniture store and pick out a new sofa without a hint of doubt.

when we’re done, you can expect…


  • Confidence in selecting fixtures and finishes
  • Empowerment around decorating
  • Easy decision making
  • Clear plan to follow and keep you on track
  • Skyrocket your design skills
  • Spend money where it matters and save where it doesn’t.


you will learn

Module One: The Principles of Decorating

Mindset Check-In
Define Your Style
Assessing Your Space
Finding Inspiration
Making a Mood Board
Picking a Colour Palette
The Decorating Process
Setting Decorating Goals

Module two: planning your projects

Tools for your Toolkit
Drawing your Rooms
Working with Existing Items
Purchasing Key Pieces
Creating Space & Storage
Finishes Glossary

Module three: Floor Planning For Success

Lounge Room Essentials
Furniture Budgets
Styling Your Lounge Room
Hanging Art
Easy Updates on a Budget
Happy Lounge Room Goals
Open Plan vs Stand Alone
Understanding Traffic Flow
Common Floor Plan Layouts

Module four: Room Analysis

Dining Room Essentials
Dining Room Furniture Budgets
Dining Room Layouts
Styling Your Dining Room
Easy Updates on a Budget
Happy Dining Room Goals
Pattern 101
Texture 101

Module five: Nailing the Purchase Process

The Buying Process
Where to Invest
Bedroom Essentials
Bedroom Layouts
Bedroom Furniture Budgeting
Styling Your Bedroom
Easy Updates on a Budget
Happy Bedroom Goals

Module six: Colour Fun + Tying It Together

Finishing Touches
Lighting Your Home
Selecting Soft Furnishings
Rugs 101
Windows 101
Kitchen + Bathroom Styling
Common Decorating Mistakes
Working with Trades

we will work together across a number of formats

No matter your learning style, you’ll get the most out of this course.



chat room



email support

with the added bonus of….


the list

Resource List – where to shop for what




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