Oh my gosh what a fun Sunday I had! Such a girly day with Jen. I’ve wanted to do the Flower Bomb class for some time and Jen and I finally got around to booking it in at The School . We turned up at 10.30 to get started and were greeted by the delightful Megan Morton (seriously, she’s awesome). Our teacher for the day was Holly Hipwell from The Flower Drum who was loads of fun and a super skilled bomber. We made our bombs whilst sipping tea and eating chocolate cake. YUM!

I’m inspired to make a million more in different patterns and colours. Mine turned out stripey which was kind of accidental (and as Megan pointed out, matched my top..) but I really like him! I’ve already been asked to make some for a friend’s party in October and Jen and I will be making loads for her wedding next year – they are relatively inexpensive to make too!

Flower bomb students Jen & Belle


The bomb's final resting place.

Emma x



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