Incy Interiors Store Facade Design

Proposed Incy Interiors Store Facade Design

Marj from Decor Project and I have been secretly working on a big retail store design job together for the past few weeks and I can now share where we’re up to with the project. Kristy from Incy Interiors had been hunting around for a shop in Sydney for some time, after a few months of searching the perfect spot was found and soon the first Incy Interiors Sydney store will open it’s doors. We are still in the stages of submitting plans but here’s a little look at some of the drawings that are shaping up to be a pretty awesome looking store.

We have gone with an industrial Hamptons feel with lots of black, grey and white throughout the store. We’ve incorporated some chalkboard paint, copper patina finishes and oak timber flooring. It’s all the finishes my dream house would have so I’ll have to try not to move straight in when it’s done!

When putting our design concepts together we had to be mindful that the Incy Interiors furniture would be doing most of the talking in the space and the finishes and fixtures around them had to do them justice. Their furniture ranges are really beautiful so it’s important that each piece of furniture has plenty of room around it so customers entering the store instantly know it’s a furniture store.

As with all projects we’ve stumbled upon certain issues here and there and no doubt there’s still more to come but they can’t be helped and you just have to find another way through! It’s a bit like renovating a house, you never know what you’re working with until you start doing some digging.

Incy Interiors Fixtures & Finishes Mood Board

Incy Interiors Finishes Mood Board

As the project progresses I’ll be sharing more and hopefully soon I’ll have some photos of work starting in the store. We still have a long way to come but we’re hoping to move quickly once plans are approved!

Stay tuned!

Emma x

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