I’m running our signature eCourse PLAN-DECORATE-LIVE again this month over at The Decorating School.

The 6 week course is jam packed full of juicy details teaching you exactly how I run a decorating project (hint: PLANNING IS EVERYTHING) through to actually going shopping and feeling confident in your choices.

What you’ll learn in 6 weeks…

  • Week 1: Where to find inspiration + The principles of Decorating
  • Week 2: What is a mood board and how to create one
  • Week 3: Planning your floor plan
  • Week 4: How to use colour and analysing your space
  •  Week 5: Going shopping without having a panic attack
  • Week 6 Taking things next level

We’ve taught hundreds of students in the year that The Decorating School has been live and so often their reasons for signing up are the same….

– I have given up because I can’t figure out how to finish off my decorating project.
– My husband has banned me from buying anything else for the house because I can’t commit to anything for any longer than a week.
– I’m about to start renovating and the thought of choosing paint terrifies me.
– I’ve finally bought our dream family home but am paralysed by decorating decisions

Sound familiar?! You’re not alone. I’ve met so many clients over the years who have all doubted their ability to pull together a beautiful home but found that once they had a helping hand (AKA me!) they were much more confident in making purchase decisions and they found they learnt a few things along the way too. Many of them actually ended up enjoying the decorating process.

I’ve taken the stories I’ve heard clients tell me over the years and funnelled it into this eCourse. We teach the course via video, downloadable worksheets, module downloads and you get access to a private Facebook group where you can ask us any burning decorating questions you may have or check in with other students and see how you can help each other. It’s a great little community to be part of!

Enrolments are now open with the course kicking off on Sunday 26th March. We won’t be running the course again this year so there’s only going to be one enrolment period for 2017.


Emma x