Air BnB styling

With our years of experience in styling and staging a variety of homes and units, we’ve created a specific service for those needing a helping hand to fit out their apartment or home to list on Air BnB.

The overall presentation of your pad contributes significantly to the price you can ask per night, in the same way that the design and styling of your home contributes to the final sale price when selling.

This service is ideal for anyone with a property currently listed with Air BnB that you’d like to step up the asking price per nigh. Or perhaps you’re looking at listing your property in the near future. Let us help you fit out the property in a way that allows you to market to the right customer and get the price you want.

We work with our clients to jazz up the existing decor, or start from scratch sourcing every little detail (even down to cutlery and laundry accessories).

We will help you set your property apart from all the other vacation rentals on Air Bnb by creating a special haven for your guests to enjoy.

We work with you to establish who your exact target market is for the Air Bnb market, what is important for you to include in the property and how to make it as appealing as possible for potential guests to book your property online.

We can work online or in-person to fit out your property, location is no issue! Just let us know where you’re located when completing the contact form below and your preference for online or offline services (even if you’re Sydney based but too time poor to meet in person, we can work with you online!).

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