When starting a business it can be hard to figure out where to invest your money to get the best results. Let alone getting a handle on your marketing, finances and branding just to name a few of the tasks that come with running your own show!

With this in mind, I’ve jotted down the four best investments I’ve made into my business over the years. To help guide you along the crazy journey of growing your own successful creative business. Let’s dive in!


You’ll never feel truly ready to start paying other people to help you with things that you’ve got comfortable managing yourself, until you simply bite the bullet! Once you get some help a few hours a week, you will soon realise how much more productive you can be when you don’t have to do the mundane tasks you no longer enjoy (or aren’t great at). These things are usually financial (accountant), marketing (social media strategy planning), assistant for design work (helps check stock levels with suppliers, handles delivery details or general customer service with clients).


Instagram is not so much a financial investment but more of a time investment that does pay off because it’s the ‘social proof’ to your website. So many of my clients find my website first then jump onto Instagram to get more of an idea of the work I do and how I work. When investing time into your Instagram it’s important to think about your unique tone of voice, brand aesthetic and who your target market is. This will help you plan out your images and write engaging captions which will grab your potential new clients attention.


Taking time to write blog posts, articles for other blogs and answering journalists questions – not to mention writing two books has been an invaluable investment for my business and has helped spread the word about me and my skill set. Now writing a book may not quite be on your to-do list just yet but a great place to start is by writing a few blog post for your website which will aim to educate, inspire and connect with new clients or keep your previous clients engaged with your business so that you’re top of mind next time they need your services.

Photographing My Work

Investing in a professional photographer is some of the best money you can spend in your business. Your completed work is what is going to bring in new work so it’s imperative you photograph it professionally to show it off! Once you’ve got your beautiful new images, put them on your website and social media to show everyone why you’re so great at what you do! Take a look at my portfolio to see some of my recent projects. 

Are you a creative business looking for more clarity, focus and direction when it comes to your marketing, branding and pricing? I’d love for you to join my which is designed to help you take action towards running your decorating business with intention. We’ll cover all these topics and more to get you feeling confident and in control of your business.

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