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To all the aspiring decorators and stylists out there, I’m going to let you in on a little secret….. Photographing your work is the key to marketing yourself and your business properly. It’s something I know I need to make time for in my business even though it’s a job I don’t get paid for as it’s purely for my own portfolio.

I’ll often almost finish a project with a client but perhaps their budget won’t allow for us to finish it all at once or they pack up and sell the home before it’s truly complete so photographing every single project I do is pretty impossible. But when a project is completed I always ensure I make time to take photos of it so I can show it off to potential clients to show the variety of styles I’m capable of, get the work featured in a magazine or blog and post it up on social media to share with my followers a peek into all the hard work I’ve put in to design the space.

One job I photographed a few months ago got it’s debut on one of my favourite blogs, Inspired By This in the US. I’m a tiny bit obsessed with US design blogs and websites so when the lovely ladies at IBT approached me asking if I had any projects that hadn’t been seen yet I knew this apartment in Mosman would be right up their alley.

So I guess you can say, making time to photograph that job definitely paid off!

Follow the link to check out the entire project.

Emma xx

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