Closing Shift at home


I saw a TikTok the other day about “Closing Shifts” at home and  it really resonated with me because I’ve done it without knowing forever.

Just like my days working in retail for Oroton while I was in Uni, I’d spend the last 10-15 minutes of my shift cleaning the store, resetting the handbags, dusting, tallying up the cash sales and then pulling down the roller door for the day. It meant the store was all set for the next employee to come in the next morning and get on with things in a nice orderly store.

I realised I do the same at home at night…

Kitchen Reset

I try to always make sure the kitchen is clean before I head to bed. Occasionally I’m known for leaving a pan “soaking” in the sink (really it’s just that I’m too lazy to bother scrubbing it before bed). I re-fold the tea towel or put a fresh one out, shut the blinds & put the dishwasher on.

Fluff The Cushions

When I stand up from the sofa to head to bed I reset the sofa cushions and fluff them up nicely and fold the throw rug up and hang it over the arm of the sofa.

Tidy The Clutter

A quick swipe of all small items I can very quickly put away including the dogs toys that he LOVES to pull back out straight after I’ve put them in his basket.

Put Clothes Away

I cannot stand clothes lying on the floor, it’s the quickest way to make the room look messy. Not to mention Louis my puppy will take ownership of any socks he finds on the floor anyway. I wish I could say I’m organised enough to get my clothes ready for the next day but unless I’m on an early flight somewhere generally I’m not that organised!

I don’t always follow this routine but when I have the time it does make getting up the next day a lot nicer. Bonus points for the days I’ve changed my sheets so jumping into bed with a clean house and clean sheets is top tier satisfaction!

What are your closing shift routines?

Emma x

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