Creating an insta worthy home

How to create an insta-worthy home!

I recently filmed a few quick videos with and Luxaflex on how to create an insta-worthy home.

It’s easy to get caught in the Instagram scroll while sitting on the couch in front of the TV and looking around your home and wondering why your place doesn’t look like the houses you’re seeing on your screen. Never fear, there’s plenty of tips you can implement at home (and on a budget!!) to make your house insta-worthy.

It’s all about being flexible and creative while coming back to practicality. When putting a home together I follow a few strict rules like working out what the specific needs and wants are of each of the people inhabiting the home. Then from there I establish what kind of a risk the homeowners/renters are willing to take when it comes to colour, pattern, texture and of course budget. Once the plan has been set in motion it’s about making sure the selection of specific products comes back to the needs and wants of each person in the home. If the kids are using the lounge room in the day it needs to be practical and useful for the kids, but come night time if the lounge room turns into a dinner spot for Mum & Dad with a bit of TV watching then the room needs to function for this purpose too!!

Creating a beautiful space doesn’t always mean you need to start from scratch or spend thousands to make it happen. Often it’s about looking subjectively at your space and reassessing everything in the room. Pretend you’re inspecting the house for the first time to buy it. What can you get rid of that is no longer serving a proper purpose for the family? Then start making a list of what you’d like to change and head to the shops to start researching some purchases. Keep form and function top of mind, not just how pretty something looks. That way you’ll be investing in the right pieces for your home without any regrets.

For more tips and tricks on creating an insta-worthy home, click here to watch the video and read more about creating a beautiful space on a budget.

Emma x

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