Remember I blogged about how I had loads of enquiries over the school holidays to help re-decorate teenager’s bedrooms? Well I’ve created the “Teen Decor Package“, a page specifically for re-decorating teen bedrooms and it’s a service available all across Australia, not just Sydney Metro.

If your daughter (or son) has been begging you for a re-do of their room (ie. switch out the Disney bed linen for something a little ‘cooler’) then I can help with the sourcing, selecting and arrangement of furniture etc. I can come and meet with you if you live in the Sydney Metro area or we can work via email to have the room re-decorated. It could even make a fun project for you to do with your teenager!

One client and I worked on her daughter’s bedroom as a surprise birthday present. Imagine how cool that would be if you were a teen girl, coming home from school to a BRAND new bedroom!

Emma x

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