E-decorating is a relatively new concept in Australia so when I meet new people and am asked “what do you do” it often involves me launching into a full description of e-decorating and how it works! I figured many of you blog readers might be wondering too so I thought I’d take a few minutes to explain how it works!

Basically, e-decorating is a homeowner’s (or renter) guide to decorating their home in their own time, on their own terms. I provide guidance and suggestions on how to properly execute the ideas my clients have and give them new ideas too. Interior decorating is meant to be a fun process, I want my clients to enjoy it as much as I enjoy picking the bits and pieces for their home.


Monochromatic lounge room mood board

It all starts with a new client filling in the online questionnaire and emailing me some images of their room(s) to be decorated. Then I get started on the mood board for their new room! Often my clients have the big ticket items already in place like sofas, coffee tables and entertainment units but just want some help with the finishing touches like cushions, art, rugs and accessories.

E-decorating is a great service for clients who are DIY lovers but need the eye of an interior stylist to create a plan of action and it’s also fantastic for rural clients who don’t have access to all the lovely interior shops we can browse through in the city.

I source products from a massive range of online stores, retail stores and wholesale furniture suppliers and list exactly where to buy them from and can often extend a 30% trade discount on furniture. The idea behind the e-decorating mood boards is that you use it as a guide as you decorate your room, you don’t have to rush out and buy everything at once, take your time, it’s meant to be a fun process!

If you have any questions at all about e-decorating send me an email or would like to get started and get your home looking great just click here!

Eclectic chic lounge room mood board

Emma x

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