There’s a pretty common belief that working with an interior decorator is something only the rich and famous can afford. Not true! I work with everyday people with normal homes and normal furniture budgets every single day of the week. Yes I’ve worked with a few famous clients here and there over the years I’ve been in business but the core of my business is helping normal humans make the most out of their normal homes regardless of their budget.

I’ve worked with everyone from farmers on remote sheep stations in central Queensland, young couples buying their first one bed unit in the city, families upsizing into bigger homes, empty nesters downsizing into townhouses after the kids leave home through to those with disabilities that require a totally different approach to design in order to live comfortably. That’s exactly why I love what I do, it’s so diverse and I learn on the job EVERY SINGLE DAY.

But it’s not all about me and what I get out of helping people, that’s just a bi-product.. What do YOU get out of working with a decorator, besides a pretty house?!


  1. Access their Brains – and years of knowledge with previous clients. They’ll know exactly what has and hasn’t worked in the past and steer you in the right direction. You’ve likely wandered the artificially lit corridors of your local furniture super centre trying to decide what rug will go with your sofa and then which cushions will work overall. It all ends in total overwhelm and paralysis analysis. You don’t make any purchases and go home feeling deflated. We see it all the time! Before our clients call us in they’ve usually wasted a bunch of weekends doing exactly this before admitting defeat so you aren’t alone! We’ll make all of those decisions for you and only involve you once we’ve got a full design look together so you don’t need to have any more weekends wasted or wake up at 3am worrying if the stone bench top you’ve selected will match the kitchen joinery.
  2. Up to Date Trends – we regularly attend industry events and visit our suppliers showrooms to keep you to date on trends as well as new products and technology. We then implement these in your home so you’ve got the newest of new installed in your home. This applies to everything from kitchen cabinetry, bathroom vanities, curtain fabrics, lighting solutions and so much more.
  3. Trade Prices – not all designers pass on their trade discounts (I do!!), but one of the BIGGEST perks about working with a decorator is getting discounts on anything and everything you’re likely to add to your home. We can access trade prices across pretty much every category from lamps to armchairs to curtains to sofa fabrics. We attend trade fairs throughout the year across the country and even internationally at times where we see the new ranges from our furniture and decor suppliers and educate ourselves on the newest pieces. Once those items come into stock at our furniture suppliers warehouses we can start specifying them in our client projects. Often the general public can’t get access to these items so you end up with a beautifully curated home that no one else can achieve. You can expect to save around 20-40% off the recommended retail price when working with a decorator. That pays for their service fees ten fold when you’re looking to furnish an entire home!
  4. Avoid Mistakes – similar to number one, you’re paying for the decorators education and knowledge. We’ve all been there done that with previous clients and know what the common pitfalls are in decorating. You can avoid any of these mistakes by working with a decorator which will save you money in the long run.

What’s stopping you from hiring a decorator? Hit me up in the comments, I’d love to know what your resistance to hiring a decorator would be.

Or if you’re trawling the super centres pulling your hair out as you try and work out what sofa goes with which rug, call me. I’ve got you!!

Emma x

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