I’ve been working on an exciting project with The Bespoke Corner to design their new store in Melbourne and I’m delighted to share with you a look behind the scenes of the before and after. What a transformation it was for such a short turn around!

The Bespoke Corner has been noted as “The best personalised tailoring service in Australia” by GQ magazine. So when they came to me with the project of transforming their Melbourne store into a luxurious and exclusive destination for made to measure suiting, I knew we were going to have to create something pretty special. Let’s take a look inside the store before we began the transformation…


Just like a tailored suit, each decorating project is completely unique and requires a specialised approach to create a seamless end result.

We were working to a really tight deadline so we didn’t have the usual time to work through the design process. Luckily I had worked with the boys on their Sydney store so I knew their design style very well which could speed things up a little faster.

The first task to undertake was drawing up the designs for the custom cabinetry that needed to be made specifically to fit the custom suits, shirts and ties. After a few rounds of revisions, we finalised the cabinetry and they went into production. From there we needed to sign off on the flooring. As it was uneven concrete our options were quite limited and we ended up going with a black epoxy resin with white flakes through it and it came up an absolute treat!!

We added only two walls to the final design to house a small office and storage area which meant the change room was next to this and needed a bit of a wow factor. We hung a large black satin curtain across the front of the change room and had a custom mirror made up for the centre of the change room. We then added in a rug, armchair and of course, a bar cart!

The store isn’t your typical retail store so the vibe needed to be more of a showroom and entertainment type of feel, so we added two grey sofas and a coffee table as a meeting area to discuss suit designs with clients.

The final touches were to wallpaper the back wall in a complimentary design so I opted for a black wallpaper with gold crisscrosses to tie in with the other gold elements in the space.

The finished result was a super slick fit out with lots of shiny fixtures and finishes to create the ultimate tailoring experience. Take a look at their brand new store and don’t be surprised if you suddenly want to visit for your own made to measure suit.


Decorating your home or a brand new store can be an overwhelming task. That’s where I come in! I take the pressure out of designing the perfect space and hold your hand throughout the process. You receive one-on-one specialised advice specific to your project, gain access to professional know-how and tap into my huge furniture supplier base that work specifically with interior decorators and designers.

If you’ve got a decorating project you’ve been putting off for a while, then take a peek at my portfolio and feel free to get in touch as I would love to hear all about it and help you create something truly remarkable to call your own.


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