I’m just past the halfway point with writing the content for my second book… This time I’ve focused heavily on the five senses of the human body and their effect on decorating as they each play a significant role in how we interact, move through and perceive a certain space. The five senses are not really something you ever stop to think about when you start the decorating process but I think unconsciously we all weave them in along the way. I thought I’d share a few ideas on what role each of the senses plays in decorating.. Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments too!



Well I guess this one is a pretty obvious for decorating since it’s such a visual concept but worth pointing out nonetheless. What we surround ourselves with has great impact on our emotions and feelings whilst being in that space. Think about light, colour, styles etc. Let your room tell a visual story as your eye moves around the room to discover all of the elements in the space.


Where we plant ourselves down for the evening needs to be comfortable. Our skin comes into contact with most surfaces in a room so we want them to feel nice to touch. Velvets, wools, cottons and linens are all lovely to the touch so we’re more inclined to linger a little longer in that space. If the sofa fabric is itchy and scratchy you’ll be forever bothered by the touch. Mix up the textures in the room to keep it visually interesting if you aren’t using a lot of colour.


Ambient music is a must in my house, I can’t stand silence (excpet at night of course, I have to sleep in total silence). Spotify playlists are always on rotation through my bluetooth speakers and I travel with them too so I’m not sitting silently in a hotel room while I’m travelling for work. You know when you move into a new house the whole place echos until you put your rugs, sofas and armchairs in? Your furniture will absorb some sound too.


Okay this one is a long shot since we don’t really sit around licking our sofa fabric do we…. Well I don’t any how. But it is important to consider where the tasty items you’ll consume in the room will be placed. If it’s your living space, will you have a spot for an evening glass of wine to sit? What if you eat your meals on the sofa, is there a coffee table or side table you can rest your bowl on?


Memories are supposedly strongly triggered by smell. I know if I was to walk blindfolded into my Grandmother’s house I would know exactly where I was without seeing a single thing. So the scent of our homes will have a lasting impact, maybe even for generations to come. Think about this when selecting a scent for your home. Don’t over do it by adding multiple layers of scented items within a room. Stick to the one and let it do it’s work! I’m a big fan of essential oils and I’ve been trialling the Air Wick Essential Mist diffuser on my desk for the past week and love it.

A few reasons why I love it…

  • It uses unique technology to put scent in the air via a release of gentle mist created by vibrations, providing a more holistic and consistent fragrance in the room
  • It is infused with essential oils and the mist helps carry the scent through the air
  • I can chose from four scents: peony & jasmine, fresh water breeze, mandarin & sweet orange and cinnamon & crisp apple.
  • It’s waterless so no need to refill every few hours. Plus it doesn’t have any cords!
  • And lastly, it looks nice!

The Air Wick Essential Mist is available from the Air Care aisle of Woolworths, Coles and all leading supermarkets for RRP$30.00

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This post was brought to you in partnership with Air Wick. Any product notes not related to Air Wick are of my own opinion.

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