When I wrote HOME I dedicated the book to clients, past and present. When it came time to write the dedication (above) for Keeping House, there was no questions that it would be for my mum. She’s been a big part of how and why I ended up in interiors and even though she’s a nurse by trade she’s got a serious knack for decorating and crafted many beautiful homes for us during my childhood. We lived in Asia for a few years in primary school and high school and both of the houses we lived in in Tokyo and Hong Kong were carefully thought out and beautifully decorated.

This Mother’s Day also happens to be my Dad’s birthday so it’s going to be a busy weekend showing the parents with lots of love and attention!

If you haven’t sorted a present for Mum for Mother’s Day just yet, jump over here and grab a copy of Keeping House for Mum. It comes gift wrapped and with a little card so all you have to do is write in the card and give it to Mum! Easy!

We’ve sold through the first print run of Keeping House so I actually only have a very limited number of books so be quick because I do expect to sell out of them this week. Yikes!

Emma x

P.S. You can also head to your local Kmart, Target, Myer or Dymocks to grab a copy too.


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