The Hall Collection (2a)

Fun stationery brand Typo has just launched a new homewares category called The Hall. I asked Jessica, Typos Head of Trends (what a cool title!) to tell me a little bit more about the reason for the new category and where they find their inspiration……

1. What prompted the need to start a homewares branch of Typo?
Our loyal customers have been asking us for years and the timing was right to bring our soul & personality into a homewares range that is accessible and affordable to all.

2. Where did you find inspiration for all these beautiful pieces?
For this range we were inspired by craft techniques of yesteryear and how we could re-imagine them for today’s market place. A marriage of concept ideas and technique from the past with colours, patterns and textures to suit today’s home.  Our brand is all about personality and soul. It’s important that what we bring out have honest, authentic sensibilities, that it feels special. We have tried to implement that thinking in our products. We also follow the market trends, young up and coming designers, catwalk and trade fair info and then amalgamate this into our view of the world to suit our customer’s homes.

3. What is involved in organising and styling a shoot for the promotional pics?
The shoot was a lot of fun and involved plenty of painting (everything from blue walls to white bananas!), Sourcing great props, having an amazing relationship with our photographer, and of course – LOTS of Hall product!

4. What’s your favourite part of your job?
The design process – being inspired, working out the shapes, designing the product, working with the suppliers on actualising the vision, and then holding the end product in front of the team and hearing them go ooooooohhhhh aaaaaahhhhh!

5. If you could travel to one destination to get inspiration for your next range where would you go?
India, I have never been but their craftsmanship in textiles and metals are amazing. They are also not afraid to use bright colours so I am sure if could find lots of great ideas there.

The Hall Collection (3)

Emma x

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